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About Us

The company was founded in 1999 by Mr. Samar Javed in Sialkot, Pakistan. The company started to manufacture safety gloves locally and as demand grew, Samar and Sons started to look for suppliers who could meet the demand in terms of quality and efficiency. Over the years, this concept has been expanded.

Today Samar and Sons became the leading manufacturer of safety gloves while offering more than 200 unique styles. Innovative design and standardized materials input ensure the best quality and performance. we focus on developing our expertise to produce innovative and quality products. We have a solid base of technological which helps us create more innovative products and set the market standards for the future.

Samar and Sons opened his commercial and sale office in 2014 in Bologna Italy. The company has expanded into several new markets in Europe, such as Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, the Baltic States and Russia. Several markets await, and we have a very positive attitude regarding our continued expansion.


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